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Editing & Proof-reading Service

Clear communication promotes confidence and a positive response among your readers. Together we can work to improve your message and the effectiveness of your publications.
I revise documents originally written in Frenchas well as those translated externally fromEnglish into French, and provide three types of editing: proof-reading, copy-editing and substantive editing.

Proof-reading Service

Proof-reading consists of checking an edited document for any remaining errors and ensuring that it is ready for use. At this stage, your text should be in the language and style that you feel is most appropriate for your purpose and audience.
This service is intended for writing that is already polished but that requires a final check for spelling, typos, punctuation, syntax, semantics, tense, agreement and any other modifications, including the correction of typographical errors and, when appropriate, problems with typesetting specifications. The text will be compared to earlier stages of development to ensure that changes have been correctly applied.

Editing Service

    • Copy-editing
      Copy-editing is applied to work that requires a moderate level of rewriting to improve the clarity of sentences. Work submitted for copy-editing will be checked for correct spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation, and cross-referenced, ensuring consistency and accuracy.


  • Substantive editing/Line editing
    This form of editing involves making significant changes to your work, such as rewriting and reorganizing the text, often focusing on readability, word choice, and style.

Editing and Proof-reading translated material

  • Proof-reading
    Proof-reading a translated text consists of checking a translation for grammatical and spelling errors, typos and errors in punctuation.
  • Editing
    Editing a translation consists of comparing the translated text with the source text to ensure all parts have been correctly translated, improving the flow of the text and then checking for grammatical and spelling errors, typos and errors in punctuation.

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