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The Translation Process: 1 – The Generation of Content

Text content generated for publication via the Internet, in printed format or as a multimedia presentation, for example, is usually generated by means of a process similar to that shown below.

– Generation of content

– Formatting of content

Content layout is created using specialist DTP applications, for example Freehand, InDesign, QuarkXPress etc., which each generate a specific type of final document format (pdf, fh, indd, etc). When working on the layout of multilanguage projects, we must bear in mind the total number of words and the extension of each text, as these factors may vary considerably between different languages.


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Within the context of a translation project, the final document generated by many specialist DTP programs constitutes an image, meaning that we are neither able to ascertain the word count nor to manipulate the text contentwithout subjecting the document to costly conversion processes, the results of which cannot always be guaranteed.

When dealing with files that have already been formatted for web publication, please bear in mind that the text content is often embedded within the website code, requiring that files be subjected to conversion/text extraction processes or the use of specialist applications capable of distinguishing between natural and programming languages.


– Publication of the content

Much of the content submitted for translation is subsequently published via the Internet, as multimedia presentations, in printed format, etc


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Very often, the content is submitted for translation once the initial publication process has been finalised in the source language, for example, as a printed catalogue, in .pdf format or as a finished website. As we explain in the following pages, this is the least efficient manner, in terms of time, economic cost and quality, in which to approach the translation of material destined for publication.

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The Translation Process: 2 – The “Traditional” Translation Method > > 


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