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The Translation Process: 2 – The Traditional Translation Method- 6 Steps

In what we have called the “traditional” translation method, text content is submitted for translation once the initial publication process has been completed in the source language. When content is submitted for translationin this manner, it is necessary to “undo” the formatting of the content in order to access the source texts prior to the translation process. Once thetranslation process has been completed, the translated texts must then be re-formatted, often in layouts designed solely for the source language. Whilst this method is both costly and inefficient when dealing with the majority of languages, it is virtually unviable when dealing with translations between western < > eastern languages, for example, English < > Japanese

  1. Generation of the content
  2. Formatting of the content
  3. De-formatting of content
  4. Translation of the content
  5. The content is formatted once more in the target languages
  6. Publication of content


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