Language Translation Network

Our aim is to bridge the distance between people and organisations, smoothing cultural bumps along the way by communicating your message effectively and enabling you to operate successfully in a different language environment.

Globalize your ideas is a freelance translation provider working in collaboration with a small and reliable network of translators to offer cost-effective, compelling communications.
Our principal focus is English to French translations, where we have the skills, understanding and relationships to deliver language solutions. With complementary strengths and linguistic support, we help your business achieve its objectives.

We combine developed communication skills with solid professional experience and training to deliver quality translations into our mother tongues and fields of expertise. We have a thorough understanding of the material at hand and its idiomatic expression, in both the source and target language.

Our language services include copywriting, editing, proof-reading and transcription. We promote a close collaboration with our clients to be in line with your communication strategy and brand guidelines.

For all enquiries, please contact with us.