The Wild Life of the World’s Best NBA Bettor

The Wild Life of the World’s Best NBA Bettor

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Sports betting can generate income if a bettor takes it seriously. There are multiple sports gamblers can put bets online. Basketball is one of the most popular ones.

America has very strong basketball teams. Therefore there are many gamers who do online betting on this type of sports. One of the most successful ones is Mr. Voulgaris. He made sports betting his personal business.

The success story of an NBA bettor

Bob Voulgaris story is a story about how quickly to make money in betting. He also proves it is possible to earn a fortune if you play online. His life story is a fine example of how to convert sport betting into a full-time job. Here are the most interesting facts from his biography.

  • Bob firstly got acquainted with the sports betting when he travelled with his father to Las Vegas. there he and his dad visited Caesar Palace. His father at that time was passionate about gambling. Bob learned in Las Vegas that he truly loves basketball.
  • After graduating from the school Bob put his saving is the sports betting. He converted his modern deposit into 500 000 Us dollars winning. That was the first success Bob had. That inspired him to develop his betting skills.
  • After the first big winning Bob converted his hobby into a full-time job. The next year he made around 320 wagers during a year. In order to continue winning, Bob hired a professional mathematician. He helped him to strategize and make the right types of wagers. There were the days when he bet 1000 000 US dollars.
  • Bob claims that he owes his success to his love for basketball. He claims that during a high season he watched as much as 80 hours of basketball matches per week. To understand better the logic of games he also regularly went to see live matches in LA and in Monaco.
  • As time passed by, Mr. Voulgaris developed his own system that helped to calculate a probability a winning will take place or not. He even was hired by NBA governance to disclose the model. Though, his approach was not fully adopted, Bob left his work as an advisor and got back to sports betting.
  • To diversify his gaming experience Bob also started to play poker. One of the biggest loses he had was a loss of 1000 000 million per day. Though, he did not get disappointed. very soon he won 3 000 000 million on poker gaming.
  • Bob is a definite champion in sports betting. His ability to analyse information was recognised internationally. He was invited as a speaker to the MIT Sports Analytics Conference.
  • Bob also has a dream. He wishes one day to quit sports betting. He would prefer to own an NBA team. We hope his dream will come true.

This a short timeline of Bob Voulgaris biography. The life of his man continues to change the way sports betting is done. It proves that true passion for work will always bring profits.